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 We do not do Facebook or Twitter but if you want to comment on our website or,have any feedback  please do contact us at micah@mweb.co.za. We would like to hear from you 
This website is an accumulation of knowledge and experience of spiritual things acquired over many years of searching in areas of religion and various mystical fields. Not all the words are ours. So, I would like to recognise and applaud all our teachers and contributors too numerous to name individually.
I would, though, like to point to the most recent and influential of all. They are:
Edward and Anne Kjos    www.sonsofgod.com
Preston Eby                     https://godfire.net/eby
Ralph Knowles               www.rwknowles.com
Jackie Weber                  www.dauthor.net
Des Walter                      www.sigler.org/walter/
R.A. Clark                       www.thechristmind.org
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