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Simple Definition of transcendent

  going beyond the limits of ordinary experience
  far better or greater than what is usual
  exceeding usual limits :  surpassing
  extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience     
  being beyond   the limits of all possible experience and knowledge
  being beyond comprehension
  transcending the universe or material existence
                                          Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
A state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of human experience.
 An Understanding

 We are not linked to any church or religion, although we tend towards the Judeo-Christian essence.

We are a fellowship where we learn from each other.

We meet as necessary or when prompted by the Spirit.

We welcome all who are genuinely searching for more understandind and experience of our creator.

We want to get away from the spirit of the world that has trapped all of its inhabitants under the systems of economics, education, religion, medical (pharmaceuticals) and the media.

The Focus

We seek to set and express a new standard of Kingdom understanding.

We seek to function in a new life-flow that causes a disturbance in the spiritual realm.

We want to see the entire Body of Christ move into the function for which it was created.

We want to raise the standard of Christ's nature being expressed.

We want to instill a life flow in a believer's life that brings him/her to a new understanding of their value and who they are in Christ.

We want to raise the spiritual atmosphere in a particular location (city or suburb) to a new level.

We want to break open new territory that we have never been aware of before.

We want to model that which God wants to do and bring it into the earth.

We allow fresh revelation to be put into practice, here and now.

The Results

We need no man to teach us, for the Spirit of Truth is within us.

 We are to guide others in bringing out that which is within them.

We are here to prepare ourselves to spread the LIGHT of Christ, to be Lightbearers

We return to the SIMPLICITY of having the Christ within us.

No more do we have the "gifts" of the Spirit, but we will BE the fullness of all the gifts.

We can participate in the divine nature of God, which is LOVE. The spirit is LOVE in me, and Love through me.  
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