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Understanding the Focus


1.       It sets a New Standard of Kingdom Expression

What is the standard of expression now? 

Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. The church and Christianity has no understanding of what and where Heaven is, so how can they understand this expression.

Start by asking Father to give us an experience of the Heavenly realm so that we can begin to bring this into this place instead of talking about it in the “salvation gospel”.


  1. It Initiates a New Life-flow that Causes a Disturbance in the Spiritual Realm.

What is the understanding of the “Spiritual Realm” now?

This has got to be taught and experienced in REALITY. No more theories or so-called visions of the past or the visions that are interpreted with old concepts and doctrines. The Spiritual Realm is reality that is revealing it’s secrets to those who are hungry for more of God. The Cloud of Witnesses who dwell in this realm have been waiting for mankind to wake up to this place and are urging us on.  Hence the disturbance. It is time to take back our inheritance!!!


  1. It sees the Entire Body of Christ as Having a Place of Function.

What does the church now function as?

Either a glorified social club or just a meeting place to hear psychobabble which makes the people “feel good” for another week but changes nothing in the Spirit. It causes the eyes and ears to close to the reality of who they are and the power and authority that they have in Christ. THEY ARE HIS BODY. ARISE, AWAKEN to what is available.


  1. It Raises the Standard of Christ’s Nature Being Expressed

Do they (people, Christianity) have a revelatory experience of Christ’s nature?

They use the NAME OF JESUS but are unaware of the NATURE. Meditate and ask Him to reveal Himself in His FULLNESS. Then His very presence in us will be made manifest.




  1. It Must Cause a Typical Life-flow in a Believers life That Brings Him/Her To  a New Understanding of Their value and Who They are in Christ

What do they know of their value now?

Not much. They are aware that they must survive their present worldly place and use their worldly identity to achieve it. It causes selfishness, hoarding, high walls, wars, orphan spirit and general worthlessness. With Father everyone is loved so much, and seen through His eyes, everyone is special.





  1. It Raises the Spiritual Climate and Atmosphere in a Particular Location to a New Level

What is the Spiritual Climate Now?

It is totally under the spirit of the anti-christ. Big business controls and

brain-washes God’s people by subtle suggestions through the media, advertising, religion, the medical and pharmaceutical community, politics etc. We are told to enforce our rights, but nothing is said about our responsibilities.


  1. It breaks open new territory that has never been seen or understood before.

What is this new territory?

We seek to transform our materialistic and corporate-dominated society into a caring one through Christ consciousness-raising and public awareness, bringing compassion, generosity, love and justice to all on this planet. To bring an awareness to a world based on these values and instil these values into everything we do.

 To challenge the Status-Quo ideas about what is possible and promote concrete ways to bring in a new awareness in the political, economic, education, medical and religious systems and institutions.


  1. It will model that which God wants to do and bring it to the earth.

What is this model?

Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. We have to seek God to reveal what is the REALITY of Heaven and not our concepts of Heaven that have been spread through the doctrines of “salvation and the rapture”.


  1. It allows fresh revelation to be put into practice with the support of all.

This fresh revelation will allow us to see that we have authority and the power to change the consciousness around us, that we can support and encourage all to move with these qualities, to be world changers.


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