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 We do not do Facebook or Twitter but if you want to comment on our website or,have any feedback  please do contact us at micah@mweb.co.za. We would like to hear from you 
What we are about
This site is for those searching for a deeper understanding of all the reasons why they exist.
We are called, as SONS OF GOD, to be the embodiment of Christ, to be HIM, and to be a channel for Him.
As SONS we are Christs on this earth. We no longer celebrate the days and ways of this lower realm, but move in the consciousness of our ONE-NESS with Him, co-mingled with Him, allowing Him to be leaven in us, the “vanilla flavouring” in us.
We seek to empower individuals to live out their lives in complete ONE-NESS with the Spirit, to join with us in union with our creator to be a solution to the world’s problems, rather than be part of them.
To see the maturing of the SONS OF GOD and preparing them to fulfil their high calling.
To bring us face to face (spirit to spirit) with the PRESENCE of God and each other.
To function in our REAL IDENTITY as a CHRIST-ONE, exploring the mystery of Christ in us and as us.
 We TRANSCEND into the TREE OF LIFE and move away from dualistic thinking and practise that goes along with the TREE of GOOD and EVIL.

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